Exploring Clothes Dryers

Exploring Clothes Dryers

Troubleshooting Common Issues With Front-Load Washing Machines

Rebecca Holmes

A washing machine is more than just a simple appliance. You rely on your washing machine to help keep your home and family clean. It is no secret that some of the more modern, front-load styles that are on the market are much more efficient than outdated versions of the past because they use less water and energy to get the job done. However, these modern appliances can see their fair share of problems after several months of use. Here are a few of the most common issues and how you should handle the langley appliance repair.

Problem: The washing machine will not start up after setting the cycle.

Cause: Possible circuit board or power issue.

Solution: Check to ensure that all electrical connections are in place and water is sufficiently supplied to your washing machine. If all connections are good, there may be an issue with the circuit board of your washer. In some cases, faulty wiring can cause the relay of the board to go bad. Replacement by a professional is usually the only solution for this issue.

Problem: The water will not drain from the unit.

Cause: Washer pump has malfunctioned.

Solution: Even though modern, the front-loading washing machine still has many of the same components as traditional models, including the water pump. When the water pump is bad, your washer will still fill up with water when the cycle begins. However, once the cycle has completed, the washer will not spin to eliminate the water in the tank. This is due to a sensor that detects when the pump has malfunctioned. Get in touch with a appliance repair center for assistance with ordering and installing a new water pump for your washer.

Problem: Small amounts of water leaking from the door.

Cause: The seal of the door is in disrepair.

Solution: Of all of the common issues with front-load models, the bad seal of the door is one that is most often experienced. Check to ensure that no parts of the seal are slipped out of place around the door. Reattach as necessary, but if there is damage to the seal itself, it will have to be replaced.

When it comes down to it, your washing machine is one of the most valuable home appliances you have. When issues arise, it always helpful if you know how to immediately diagnose the problem. In many cases, the difference between prolonging the life of your washer is how quickly you can react when something goes wrong, especially when it comes to a modern, front-load model.


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