Exploring Clothes Dryers

Exploring Clothes Dryers

Signs Your Refrigerator Is Failing

Rebecca Holmes

Your refrigerator is an important appliance in your home and when it starts to fail, you need to act quickly. Just like any other appliance, fridges have components that begin to fail that can make the entire unit suffer as a result. Here are signs you should look out for that your fridge is in need of repairs. The sooner you can catch them, the better able you will be able to have repairs done so your fridge doesn't fail completely.

Broken thermostat

Your thermostat is responsible for telling your compressor motor when to kick on and off to keep your fridge at an evenly cool temperature. When your thermostat fails to register the temperature properly, your compressor motor begins to work overtime to keep your fridge at temperatures that are likely not correct. This can lead to a break down of your compressor motor. You can tell if your thermostat is failing if you hear your refrigerator running more often than usual, but your food items are not getting cold. You may also notice that your food is frozen in some areas due to your compressor motor running all the time. Since your thermostat affects one of the largest components of your refrigerator, it's important to have it replaced or repaired quickly to prevent food spoilage and the destruction of other major fridge parts. 

Bad seals

If you notice condensation on the outside of your fridge or freezer, your seals may not be working like they should. Your seals are responsible for trapping cold air inside your unit so the thermostat and compressor motor can work more efficiently. Seals often go out before the rest of the fridge does and are a relatively cost-effective fix. Your fridge repair technician can replace your seals for you and inspect your thermostat and compressor motor for any other damage.

Hot fridge

One of the most common issues you may see with your own refrigerator is that it appears to be running hotter than usual. Check your condenser coils and make sure they are free from debris and hair buildup. Your coils need to be able to circulate air in order to work properly and when they are clogged up with gunk, your fridge will get hot as a result. This happens even when your thermostat is working properly. If cleaning underneath and behind your fridge doesn't solve the problem, contact a fridge repair technician as soon as you can to address the issue further.

Your fridge should run reliably for you in order to keep your food and beverages cool. When your compressor motor, thermostat, seals, or even your condenser coils fail to work as they should, you need to have repairs done right away to keep the rest of your fridge from damage. As soon as you notice your refrigerator is not running like it should, contact a repair technician to help you diagnose and fix what is wrong. To find out more, speak with a business like Top Notch Appliance Repair.


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